pet ritz staff members and dogs playing together

Dog Daycare Near Brighton, MI

Why Doggie Day Care at Pet Ritz?

Fun is the best term to describe Pet Ritz and that’s why our dog daycare guests come from Howell, Milford, South Lyon, Fenton, Wixom, Novi and surrounding areas. Nothing satisfies a dog’s inherent pack nature more than being around other dogs, playing and interacting with the pack in our dog day care setting. Call us to find out why dog owners chose Pet Ritz.

Playtime is a Priority at Pet Ritz Dog Daycare

Pet Ritz Doggie Day Care takes place on 5 acres of beautiful grass! We separate our daycare groups based on their size, temperament and play style. This way, your furry best friend can enjoy a consistent “pack” or group of playmates that he looks forward to romping with.

  • Our staff is highly trained in proper group play and canine body language. We constantly monitor and promote safe play.
  • Rest and relaxation are also important.
  • After romping and hanging out with friends, furry guests have a private, indoor, temperature controlled rooms to rest and relax in.
  • Fun themed monthly events are available for all of our daycare guests and discount punch cards available for frequent visitors.
  • If you're dog isn't highly social toward other dogs, no worries, we have individual play times available.

Safety First at Pet Ritz Doggie Daycare

Our Doggie Daycare sessions are always supervised, controlled and guaranteed to be fun and stimulating! Since dogs are creatures of habit, attending doggie daycare on a regular basis, helps create a happy, healthy, and most importantly, well-socialized canine. Vaccinations are required for boarding and daycare.


 Dog Daycare Has Proven Benefits

Dogs that participate in a structured dog daycare program receive numerous benefits to their health and well being including the following:

  • Your dog gets exercise and social stimulation
  • Socialization with dogs and people is enhanced
  • Reduces potential for digging, chewing, and destroying belongings in your yard or home.  
  • Avoids risk of injury at the local dog park
  • You get to come home to a tired and happy dog
pet ritz staff member holding dog at an event

The Perks of Pet Ritz Doggie Daycare

  • Regular themed party events for our doggie daycare participants
  • Grass yards provide a cushioned play turf with great traction
  • All day play for large breed dogs, with a consistent “pack” of playmates
  • Safe play for all dogs – small dogs and large dogs in separate play groups
  • Dog socialization with a certified, loving staff person always overseeing play